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Hi, I am April, and I  actually live in Idaho (attending BYU-I). I am 21 and mostly into sweet loli. I have been a fan of loli for about six years and just finally purchased my first outfit (yay!), and would like to join in your meet ups, I don't know anyone here that is also into loli to dress up with, and I definately do not mind the 3 hour trip to get out of here :)
I can't wait to get to know you guys!

Hey there!

Heya! I'm coming out to visit my family from dec. 14-jan 6 in SLC and am looking for something besides family stuff to do. I would love to meet some lolis and just hang out with someone my own age in general (i'm 23) who has at least some similar interests as myself (all of my cousins are like married with kids and are like 5+ years older than me -_-;). I do like to ski if anyone wants to hit the slopes with me too.

future plans & meet ups

So a few girls and I want to organize (I suck at spelling) a Lolita Tea party at Beehive tea room or some tea place (still to be decided) but I was wondering if discussing such matter would work out here, or would everyone prefer a myspace or facebook page?
I know some people aren't really on LJ anymore, and I wouldn't want anyone to miss out on an awesome event -like a tea party ^o^
Just like to know what social network you are on the most :)

A little in advance

Ok, so maybe not so much a little in advance as WAY in advance...but any way. Sometime next May or April I am planing on taking a trip to visit a friend in Provo, Utah. Her and I talked about it and (though she isn't a lolita) we both think it would be fun to have a little meet. Now nothing is solid yet obviously, but I was just wondering if there are any lolitas in the area that might be interested in a meet. ^^ Thank you.



Hey, I guess this is my introduction... I've been a Utah lolita for a while know, and known about the community for months but totally forgot to follow it... ^^; haha!


People call me Nani, but my full name is Noelani, and I live in Salt Lake City. Uh, I like anime, slash, writing, sewing (lolita!), World of Warcraft, drawing and... other... stuff?

Usually I'm in lolita/visual kei daily! I go to a high school in the city (prolly the snootiest one in Utah, ha-ha!) xD Also, I'm a shameless fangirl? I claim to not like social networking, but I spam anime con forums, gaiaonline, and lj daily. Maybe the next time you guys have a meet up, I'll join? I'm trying to work on my chronic shyness, hee.

Well, I hope to make some awesome lolita friends! Feel free to say hi, 'cause usually I'm too shy to do so myself. >.<

Meet up this sunday? (07.26)

I totally forgot that I manage the Utah Jrockers community xD I just posted this on the ut_jrock about a meet up this sunday. I'll repost it here, and if any Lolitas are interested, please join us :)

Would anyone be up for a meet up this sunday?
Kilby Court is have a 5 band show this sunday @7pm ($8)
I know the crowd will actually have a decent amount of gothies and punk kids, so we can dress up and not worry about jack asses asking about our clothes :)
I was also thinking maybe meeting for tea or something, for those who don't want to go to a show, but still meet up.
But the only tea houses I know of are BeeHive Tea room (downtown by trax) or The Tea Grotto -sp?- (2100s 900e)

Anyone intesrested?

Meet up?

Ummm...I think we should organize a meet up n_n maybe the zoo?
Any other suggestions?

Lolita Tea Book

Hello everyone!
So this girl I know (and a few of you in this group may already know of this) is making a Lolita picture photo coffee table book thing. lol, pretty much its a picture book of lolita styles and she is in need of all lolita styles (boys too) and models.
She is a professional photographer, and will even give you a disc with copies of the pics ^^
This isn't a paying gig, but you can contact her for all the details, and get your cute dresses in a book ^^
I'll be doing Erololi and guro loli ^^ but all styles are welcome and encouraged!!
anyways,.... you can contact:



Well, I'm Doing My Part...

So, I'm trying to do my part to keep this group alive (thus my several posts in the past few days).

I "toned down" my lolita as per requested by family (and because I was going to a wedding reception). What I need to know is 1) Did I tone it down too much? I'm wearing a petti and a rose in my hair, and my usual loli shoes, but is it too casual? and 2) How's the outfit? I know the shoes don't match, I'm trying to get out to buy white ones.

The Pictures (ooh, horrors...)Collapse )