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Sooo... Hellooo!~

I tried to join the new Utah community, but it doesn't really appear to be very active either. My request to join has not been approved for quite some time. My name is Cecily, and I will soon be moving to Salt Lake City from Texas! April 3rd is my big move date! I don't know anyone living there, and I am moving all by myself... I was hoping that maybe I could make a few friends in the local lolita community! ^_^ I would love to find some frilly friends in my new hometown! And please let me know if there is a better way of getting in touch with the community members. I searched high and low for other places you guys could be hiding, in a totally non-creepy way. I swear! D: I hope to hear from you all soon~

Community Change?

Hey, all! I just wanted you to know, since I can't get a hold of zaphkiel_noise (she's taking a self-proclaimed hiatus from the computer) to be made a maintainer/owner, I've made a new community. It's called u_loli_2  (I know, kinda lame. Meh.) Mostly this was done so that we could put a sticky at the top with the next meetup, which hopefully will catch some peoples' eye. ^_^ Which I can't do if I'm not a maintainer.

I've put up the pics from the last meetup there, as well as the Master Meetup Post and an update about the July meetup. Please check it out, and if you like it, add it! ^_^

Monthly Meetup Master Post

Hey, all! Firstly, thanks to those who came to my birthday meetup. I had so much fun, I hope you did, too!

I've been thinking of having casual meetups monthly to help us get to know each other and provide more opportunity for people to come (that way, if you miss one you don't have to wait 6 months for another one). It seems I'll be in charge unless someone else wants to be...please feel free to PM or comment if you think you want to take charge of a meetup! Here's my brainstorming/master list of meetups. Feel free to suggest anything!

Next Meetup: July--Provo Freedom Fest!

Date: July 1 or 2, 2011 (Probably the 1st if nobody objects)
Description: Meet at my house, carpool over to the Provo Freedom Fest carnival! Face painting, hair braiding, fun games and food! Bring money, I'm not sure how much things cost.
Place: Provo, UT

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Roll Call! Who's still here?

I'm thinking of planning another meetup (more casual than the big one, don't worry), but I need to know who is still in UT! I know a lot of people have moved away, so please comment let me know if you're here! ^_^ I miss you all!

Visiting SLC

HI!  I will be visiting SLC for about 4 or 5 days in July and I was hoping there might be fun thing for a Lolita to do.  Shops to check out (Lolita and not), nice fabric/craft shops, or fancy bakeries.  I will not have a car so driving is out of the question but I have lived in cities in the past and love to walk and take the subway.  Any suggestions?


Hi! My name is Florencia~ I'm 19. I am from Argentina but I've lived in Utah (SLC) for almost 10 years~~
I have been Lolita for about 4 ^___^ I love the fashion!
Anyways~~~ I thought that me and my friends were the only ones that knew about this until now! LOL
I would love to get together and meet fellow Lolis~~ ^___^v
I'll share a picture of me ^__^ just to give you an idea of what I look like LOL
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